Breaking Blog Silence, Breaking Blog Silence

It’s been more than three months since I blogged. I think the political and social events since June all over the world rendered me speechless and wordless.

Then we hit the changing of the clocks, the lack of light and night time starting at three o’clock in the afternoon. I have not been writing, but have continued to create at my sewing machine.

This weekend, the Rochester Festival has had some particularly fine music on the stage outside the Old Post Office at the Star Hill end of the High Street. As I live nearby, I have been able to sew and listen at the same time – no double glazing in my flat. There have been some very traditional Christmas songs and old songs like ‘Oh My Darling Clementine,’ and ‘Soldier, Soldier, Won’t you marry me?’ that I remember my mother used to sing whilst doing the ironing.

Anyway, I’ve been playing about, designing wall hangings. Back in mid June, before the reality of Brexit and Trump, I posted the picture of the baby’s quilt, with the name Jasmine, as shown in the gallery. I’d started making this design on a workshop with Kate Higgins at Hometown, the most excellent material shop in Rochester High Street – thanks Marion. From memory, I think the whole quilt was to be made up of six joined identical panels.

I decided not to make the full sized quilt and so made baby Jasmine’s quilt with two of the panels, adding a border of birds at the top and her name at the base.

Having a few panels spare, I decided to experiment and see what I could turn them into. In the gallery, you can see one of the original panels and how I have adapted it into a wall hanging.

It still needs to be finished with a border and backing, but, please if you have the time, could you message me to say what you think the new design represents?

Thank you in advance, and also thank you to all my followers including those people who have started following me, even though I hadn’t posted anything recently.








2 thoughts on “Breaking Blog Silence, Breaking Blog Silence

  1. Dear Jennie. I love the wall hanger. When I see it I think at a church or a castle in Christmas time. I think of candles, cosiness, big tables full of treats, a big Christmas tree, but most of all family and love. Love and a big hug in this strange time from Nadine


    • Hello Nadine, Thank you for your kind comments. Strange times indeed, who would have thought the world would be like this.
      I hope you are all keeping well. My son has been living with me during the pandemic which has been good. Of course, I’ve not seen my daughter and family in Madrid since March 2020. What would we do without whatsapp and zoom.? My granddaughter will be six next week. Take care. Jennie


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