The Story of the Epoisses – a Whiff of French Cheese

Epoisses fromage de Bourgogne - Epoisses cheese from Burgandy

Epoisses fromage de Bourgogne

My older brother loves Epoisses cheese, a speciality of Bourgogne or Burgundy. I decided to bring him some back from France as he has been looking after our mum whilst I’ve been away. It comes in one of those balsa wood boxes, the same as Camembert, but this cheese is really smelly.

Living in the camper van with it for a week whilst we drove back to Dunkirk was challenging – smelly socks have nothing on this cheese!

Inside the box - Epoisses fromage

Inside the box – Epoisses fromage de Bourgogne

I’ve been home a week now and hope to hand over the fromage to my brother this evening. At the moment it’s in mum’s spare bedroom, double wrapped in tea towels. The smell is less pungent when it’s not inside a fridge. I’m sure my brother will enjoy it – it has ripened beautifully.

POSTSCRIPT – As I was writing this post I heard rustling noises. Have just rescued the cheese, pouches of tobacco, also for my brother, and nougat, intended for mum’s carer, from going into the rubbish bin. Mum says she was tidying up!!

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