Not sticking to my diet – again!

Tesco's Finest Belgium Chocolates

Belgium Chocolates –  My Downfall

So here we are, fast approaching the middle of April in what passes for Spring in the UK. I’ve still not got back into writing and feel heavy after a winter of hospital visiting and travelling to London on South Eastern trains. Why do train journeys make me hungry?

Now is the time to start the annual shedding of winter weight. I’ve been trying to walk 10,000 steps a day, but have wimped out with the rain and winds. I’m attempting to restart the 5:2 diet, also called the fast diet. But I have fallen at the following hurdles:

The Fast Diet

Epoisses Cheese

The Pitfall of Cheese

  1. Did really well for three days then took mum from the care home for a dental appointment, then succumbed to coffee and cake to try and make it more of a fun outing for her. I know I could have just had the coffee – black no sugar – but mum might not have enjoyed her cappuccino and coffee walnut cake if I hadn’t joined in.
  2. It was my birthday the other week and a friend gave me Belgian chocolates. I’d hidden them away – out of sight / out of mind. But last weekend, my son came from Bristol to visit me. Now I don’t see him that often so we had to share the chocolates. And we had to have a few glasses of wine to wash down the chocolates, didn’t we?
  3. I’ve mislaid my appointments diary. Searched the flat, but can’t find it. Looked under both settees and behold a Tesco’s Finest Belgian White chocolate. Now I remember dropping the second layer on the floor when my son was with me. This was the chocolate that got away. I fess up. I washed it under the tap and ate it – which made me decide to write this post.
  4. I’ve been shopping as we have friends coming to dinner. Now, you do know that those free samples given away in supermarkets are calorie free, don’t you? Believe me, it’s a proven fact, especially if they contain sugar, chocolate or fat.

What I need is some sunshine and warmth……..and willpower…….with no distractions or temptations. So let’s not mention cheese.

Wish me luck 😀😀😀

2 thoughts on “Not sticking to my diet – again!

  1. I agree sticking to a diet is so tough sometimes especially when you give yourself excuses about why you are not sticking to it. Anyway all the best! Great write!


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