Do you know a poem called – What is Poetry?

Can anyone help me?

Whilst sorting out the books and papers in my mum’s flat, I found a poem tucked into an exercise book. It started with the line ‘What is Poetry?’ and this may be the title of the poem. My mum had written it out, probably for one of the book clubs she used to belong to. It was either by Adrian Mitchell or Adrian Henri. The latter, along with Roger McGough and Brian Patten were known as the Liverpool Poets.

I really liked this poem, but have somehow lost it in the process of emptying the flat.

Please let me know if you have a copy of the poem or can tell me where I might find it. I would like to read it to mum in the care home.

Once the flat is empty, redecorated and rented out, I hope to write a more interesting post. Meanwhile, thank you to everyone who visits my blog.

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