Who Do You Think You Are?

Have you considered using a pseudonym?

I decided to use J.M.Dallimore as my writing name in 2011; it was my maternal grandmother’s name. All the other surnames in our family rate as some of the most popular in the United Kingdom. Note the use of popular – my dad always reminded us that our surname was popular, not common.

Not long after, a well known children’s author related how, when she was first submitting her work, she was asked to publish her novel with a surname starting with the letters DA – which meant it would be placed on the shelves in bookshops and libraries near Roald Dahl’s books. She declined the offer.

So, inadvertently, it would seem that if any of my books ever end up in the children’s section of UK bookshops I will be in good company.

The two books that I have finished – The True History of the Silver Pocket Watch – and – The Whirlstone – are currently with literary agents awaiting their fates.

The advantages of having a less common name for writing is that it should be easier for people to find me on the web. It gives me a separate identity from everyday life, which has made me confident enough to define myself as a writer.

Three years on, I’m glad I made the decision to use the name Dallimore for writing and on social media. And it’s definitely not a common name, but hopefully will become popular.

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