About Me

I have now lived North, South, East and West – Born in South London in the 1950’s, went to Newcastle-upon Tyne in the 1970’s, Southampton in the 1980’s, East to the Medway Towns in 2005 and now West to Bristol in 2017.

I have always enjoyed stories with parallel worlds or time-slips into the past or future and this is reflected in my books.

In ‘The Whirlstone,’ Chala, aged fourteen, discovers there is a way out of the mountain settlement of Oscura – something she has always been told was impossible. Dramatic, exciting and thought provoking events occur when Chala and her companions encounter other cultures. A fantasy story for anyone older than twelve. Click here to read the first three chapters.

‘The True History of the Silver Pocket Watch,’ is an adventure story for nine to twelve year olds.
Whilst on a school trip, Owen Dunne, aged eleven, finds a silver pocket watch buried outside an old brick kiln. Soon, he is transported back to the late Victorian era with his classmate, Rebecca. Why have they come there and how will they survive?