About Me

Originally from Camberwell in South London, I now live in East Bristol. I have an MA in Writing for Children and this is reflected in a project I’m about to send out to literary agents which is a collection of rhyming picture book texts set in different locations of Bristol with a giant toad, a careless cat and an indignant rat. #The Fishponds Toad  #The St Georges Cat   #The Clifton Rat

However, I also love writing fantasy novels for adults, though they would also appeal to older YA readers. The Whirlstone, set in a world with bronze age technology, dark dreams and unpredictable tree spirits was inspired by the question: Why did the Mayans abandon their ancient cities? Chala, tall, awkward and curious, discovers how to open the magic protected Three Walls of her settlement without charms or incantations, which leads to contact with other cultures thereby causing the downfall of the dominant ruling class in her own settlement.

This book is finished and in the process of being sent out to literary agents.

The Truth of Paragon, a fantasy novel for adults is about female identical twins – A Work in progress, currently being edited.

My fantasy books tend to be populated by characters who are recognizably human, but either they or their world have hints of the supernatural. Social and political hierarchies and freedom of choice keep popping up as recurring themes.