Delight or Despair?

Last week, my fantasy novel, ‘The Whirlstone,‘ was rejected by the literary agent I’d submitted it to in November. Usually, this sends me into a state of despair whilst I decide that everything I have ever written is utter rubbish and might as well be burnt, made into paper mache or shredded into tiny pieces.

This time I feel slightly elated and am already preparing to send the book off again. And all because the agent said she’d, ‘enjoyed reading my submission, which stood out from the many we receive and although she didn’t feel strongly enough to take the material further she hoped another agent would feel differently.’

Thanks to my very good friend Gill for pointing out that the external links didn’t work on my last post, From the River to the Sea. Checking back, there were some problems with the Anapestic Doctor links as well. Apologies to everyone, I hope I’ve sorted them all out now.

Do you have a rejection letter for one of your books that has caused despair or delight?

4 thoughts on “Delight or Despair?

  1. Hi Gill. Thank you to you for letting me know the links weren’t working. I could have been blogging for weeks without realising. Isn’t the Happiness picture beautiful?
    At mum’s -going to be here for most weeks Sunday afternoon through to Tuesday mornings. Then Matthew is doing Tues to Thursday’s. We have carers for the other three days with Reid as back up.
    So I decided to bleach mum’s bathroom sink this morning and managed to overflow it. I left the taps running – which of us has dementia? I hope it hasn’t gone down to downstairs flat. Have left a note – fingers crossed.
    Hope you are all well and fit. Not long to Spring


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